The Wedge Wall Panel Connection System gives you freedom and flexibility to design and install the surfaces you want.

Wedge gives you an edge!

You can stay ahead of the pack and do things in your designs and installations that are either too difficult, time-consuming or expensive to otherwise consider.

If you’re always looking for new ways to achieve better results, you’ve found one.

More design potential, less opportunity for anything to go wrong, smoother, better finishes plus time and cost savings - the advantages speak for themselves, as do the finished interiors.

And, if you don’t believe us, read what the people who use Wedge have to say.

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The Wedge Wall Panel Connection System

Wedge is the interior wall panel mounting and detailing system that broadens your design horizons and empowers your vision: right down to the last detail.

With its groundbreaking concealed fixing system, Wedge is the design solution for specifiers who are serious about taking their work to the next level. With more precision and creativity than anything the sector has seen to date, the system also offers time and cost efficiencies, including cutting some of the more time-consuming aspects of design time.

With Wedge, you get a stylish, flexible system and the sorts of results you’ve always wanted.

How far Wedge will take you is up to you and your imagination.