The Wedge Wall Panel Connection System gives you freedom and flexibility to design and install the surfaces you want.


Wedge is an all-in-one wall paneling detailing and mounting system, featuring a range of decorative joint details and finishes.

We don’t make panels - plenty of companies do a fine job of this already - rather we focus on making precision engineered concealed fixing components to complement quality wall panels, giving designers access to the perfect finish.

Wedge panel connectors are available in a range of profiles that can be connected together, edged and fixed either directly to the wall or mounted off a split rail.

The Wedge system comprises two key components: a split rail and a range of panel connectors. The system is dynamic and powerfully flexible, with the individual elements able to be used together in a mix-and-match manner, or independently.

The system is based around panels with a nominal thickness of 18 to 19mm. Thicker panels can be used when a butt joint detail is required. The Wedge system can either be permanently fixed or installed to be fully demountable.

Some of the panel products Wedge is being partnered with include: MDF, Plywood, Armour board. Veneered MDF, Melamine. Melteca, Panelart, Prime Panel ... and more.

For some of the more creative ways that design visionaries are using Wedge, check out our showcase.