The Wedge Wall Panel Connection System gives you freedom and flexibility to design and install the surfaces you want.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. That’s sort of the case with Wedge.

Wedge is the brainchild of Space Architecture and Design founder Warren Burton.

“The product came about because of my ongoing frustration around detailing wall paneling for commercial applications,” Warren explains. “There seemed to be never-ending problems with alignment and the time required to detail projects.”

“I was also frustrated by the piecemeal approach that had been used up until that time. It required excessive drawing but often led to a mediocre finish. And it made no sense to keep on asking materials to do something they weren’t designed to do.”

As Warren was working on building his own solution to a seemingly impossible problem, lighting consultant Philip Shand was having ideas of his own about an aluminium fixing system for shelving

“Having recently come back from an international trade show, I had caught up with Warren regarding a lighting project we were working on together. The conversation turned to the trade show and I shared my thoughts of producing a better way to fix shelving systems with a purpose-built aluminium extrusion. It was really quite a defining moment as I had no idea Warren was working on Wedge,” says Philip. “It became apparent that we were both heading in a similar direction and with both of our ideas meshed together the future possibilites of the Wedge range became incredibly exciting.”