What People Say

Wedge proves itself at WATERFORD PRESS

The clients were very happy, we were very happy.

"The tricky thing about this project was the panelling on the ceilings, as well as the walls," says Sheppard and Rout Architect Jasper Van der Lingen of the Waterford Press reception area. 
"We needed a product that could cover both, without losing consistency of look in the process. 
Enter the WEDGE wall panel connector system. 
"It was so much easier to use one system throughout, rather than having to use two separate systems and then having to solve the problem of trying to get them looking similar."
"Designing now is easier because all the tools are in one manual. There’s no need for additional drawings to detail, saving a lot of time."
Jasper says the end result spoke for itself. 
"There were some very tricky three dimensional junctions that could have been particularly messy - the WEDGE system was able to get a tidy look to them."
"WEDGE performed very well. The clients were very happy, we were very happy.