What People Say

The WHK & Anderson reception area creates Wedge advocates.

One of the easiest systems I've ever used.

The first time joiner John Thoms laid eyes on Wedge was the day it was delivered to Queenstown for the WHK & Anderson Lloyd offices – but he’s so hooked on Wedge he now recognises it in an instant.  

"I have to admit there was a fair bit of head-scratching at first," he admits, "but it turned out to be one of the easiest systems I’ve ever used."

"Like anything, you need good, straight walls to work with. Once you realise this clips here and that goes there, it’s so much easier than anything else – it’s a great product for wall design."

The security the Wedge system offers is a real advantage, according to John.  "It’s more stable. Normally we’d cut a 45 on a couple of bits of custom wood and hang the panels like that. Wedge locks in place so there are no worries about it pulling out or pulling off."

As well as being a convert to the Wedge process, John is also sold on the end result. "It’s an absolutely incredible look. In the past we’d have to cut out grooves to get negative detail. The way Wedge works is that it creates it anyway, giving a nice finish. You don’t have to worry about getting edges painted."

John says he can tell a Wedge installation at a glance – and he’s noticing more of it around.  "I was at St George’s doing a job, and they were using the Wedge system. As soon as I saw it, I thought 'I know that!'.