What People Say

St George's Hospital makes good use of Wedge.

...really easy to use.

I.D Design Associates’ Ian Dale knew he needed to create a very special space when he was tasked with interior design for St George’s new Cancer Care Centre – something WEDGE was proud to be a part of.

“Patients who come here for treatment are often anxious and sometimes fearful. Some may be terminally ill. My objective was to make them feel at ease and distracted from their inner fears by ‘de-hospitalising’ the environment and providing comfortable and tranquil surroundings for the many visits that they would make to the Centre”.

Ian’s vision centred around a New Zealand bush theme incorporating timber veneered panels and full height graphics displaying images by some of New Zealand’s top photographers, all set in place by the WEDGE panel fixing system.

Visitors are greeted by native bird song as they approach the Centre and enter the ground floor reception area. Further into the interior space is a large marine aquarium displaying marine life to be found around New Zealand and the pacific basin. Foreshore sounds enhance the visual experience, and together with the theatrical lighting effects provide a totally submersive environment. This theme is carried down into the basement where the radiation therapy is conducted.

Ian’s exquisite attention to detail is everywhere – and thanks to WEDGE, it’s apparent right down to the last fixing.

“I was introduced to the WEDGE system shortly after its introduction, and immediately saw the possibilities which it offered, and I specified it as the panel fixing system of choice. It did not detract in any way from the effect I was trying to achieve.”

Being new to the product, Ian supervised the installation with interest as the contractor erected the framework and fitted the panels.

“Once he got the hang of it, he found it really easy to use.”

“We were really pleased with the outcome. Design was such a critical component of this job, and the aesthetics were really enhanced by the panelling system. I also loved the ease and precision with which it came together