Why Use Wedge?

Increased precision, safety & security

Less design time and better results - that sounds like a winning plan.

Concealed fixing for interior wall panels is a time consuming design exercise. Detailing the panelling so that it's easy to manufacture and install in itself is not that easy. That's why it's often been put in the too hard basket. Until now. Wedge provides a range of details that are ready to use so the hard work is already done. This means you can spend more time doing the creative stuff and less time worrying about the detail.

And, because installation is simpler and more 'foolproof' it means less chance of

costly mistakes, getting rid of the risk and expense of redoing a wall.

Wedge is also constructed to be robust. To perform well in a variety of situations, coping with a range of wall panel materials with ease. It's this flexibility and capability that has people interested in what they can do next.