Why Use Wedge?

More cost effective

There's a time vs money equation that always comes into these things. Wedge is easier to install ( most people say it roughly cuts installation time in half ) so the saving there makes it so much more cost effective.

It may look a little more expensive at first glance but it makes up for it.

While it's not the cheapest possible way of fixing a wall panel, it's better than whacking a screw through the front of a beautiful veneer and so much quicker than some other options. Balance it out and you're onto a winner.

The overall project cost is similar to or cheaper than conventional methods in most cases.

There's less risk that things will go wrong because of the way the system works. It's so simple and easy.

So, you cut the chance of having to redo or adjust an install, get it done quicker and at a price that works out well.

That's why more architects are starting to specify Wedge and why more joiners are turning to it to get the job done.

Do the sums yourself, then have a look at the end results and that'll convince you.